📍  Mission and Scope

NOTE: This is work in progress (see this original Google Doc for reference)

We work with protocol development teams, infrastructure engineering teams, research engineers, and PL partners to champion the Performance, Scalability, Security, and Reliability posture of live large-scale production services built using the decentralized Web3 protocols such as IPFS, and libp2p, and Drand.

Production Engineering

Software engineering informed by operational experience. Partner with the IPFS, libp2p, and Filecoin protocol development team(s), and the protocol optimization research team to identify problem areas, and opportunities to enhance the implementation of these protocols on appropriate infrastructure. Drive the design and implementation of enhancements to software and infrastructure with the intent to improve the state of production services.

Provide inputs to the protocol optimization research team on key challenges that need deeper investigation and/or research. Support the optimization team by providing self-service infrastructure for research/experimentation, data collection, and related purposes.

Improve system qualities such as observability, reliability and scalability and take on necessary SWE tasks to improve systems at source. Use data from benchmarking and real world deployments to guide improvements.