<aside> 🪧 As of 202312, IPDX is an independent company. See ipdx.co.


<aside> 🍄 IPDX H2 2023 Roadmap is out!


This is the Notion home for the InterPlanetary Developer Experience team. The maintainers of testground.

🚀 Mission

To empower IP Stewards and the entirety of PL EngRes to innovate by simplifying and accelerating their workflows.

🔮 Vision

For PL EngRes team members and stack contributors to have an equally desirable experience throughout the development lifecycle.

To apply UX techniques, such as user research, to design comprehensive development experiences which maximize developer happiness.

To promote and practice development excellence both within the team as well as externally to make our “products” industry standards.

💁 Who we serve

In general, we’re focused on the builders rather than the users of the awesome EngRes protocols, products, and projects. To start with, we’re focused on the Interplanetary Stack and particularly the IP Stewards who are on the frontlines of those projects. We believe that is our highest leverage area currently because so much of the work by the rest of EngRes touches there. In time, we hope to help more on the FilDev side. In the meantime, EngRes ProductDev and FilDev are welcome to use anything we create/maintain (e.g., unified CI, GitHub Management, Testground).

👥 Members

💬 Communication Channels