This is meant to quickly capture some quick community-related documentation for https://github.com/ipfs/helia. If this becomes the official place for community documentation, then it should be linked from the repo. Otherwise content here should move into the repo itself.

Runbook for running the meeting

2023-02-27 initial stab:

  1. Start zoom cloud recording once the meeting starts
  2. Make a request in FIL Slack #shared-pl-marketing-requests requesting the zoom recording be added to the Helia demo playlist:

Access the Zoom Account

The [email protected] Zoom account is used. The account’s credentials are stored in 1password. Contact @Steve (biglep) or @Daniel Norman if you need access. This Zoom account is welcome to be used by anyone who is hosting IPFS community/working group calls.

Anyone can join using https://protocol.zoom.us/my/ipfscommunity. No waiting room or passcode required at least as of 2022-11-10.

Luma Management

The Luma event series can be managed at https://lu.ma/studio/events/manage/evt-mOZCVIz7l7BJ6Fn. It requires being a host or manager which as of 2023-02-27 includes:

  1. @Steve (biglep)
  2. @Alex Potsides
  3. @Daniel Norman

Working Group

Helia - Working Group (WG)


2023Q2 js-ipfs Deprecation