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Charting the Future of Cryptoeconomics

CryptoEconLab is creating a global hub for cryptoeconomic research.




Cryptoeconomics is an emerging field of incentive and mechanism design in cryptographically secured peer-to-peer networks. This multi-disciplinary endeavor is at the core of every Web3 project, pulling in knowledge from: computer science, network science, statistics, economics, and systems engineering.

In an increasingly networked and open world, cryptoeconomics will play an ever larger role in coordinating human and machine activities and building a better future.

We are applying our learnings to grow and maintain blockchain ecosystems, where we are active drivers and participants. Most of our work has come to benefit the Filecoin ecosystem, which is a layer1 blockchain that orchestrates a decentralized data storage network designed to store humanity’s most important information. Our impact since 2020 has built out Filecoin’s unique cryptoeconomic system which is central to its design.

Our Work



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Research Interests


We are focused on the following areas. Please also check our Github page where we keep a list of Open Problems in general incentive research.

With the capacity to design, validate, deploy, and govern large-scale economic systems, CryptoEconLab strives to empower projects in all blockchain ecosystems through thoughtful and rigorous analysis.