This space exists for aggregating the decisions, meeting notes, and ongoing communications related to the Federation proposal for Content router discovery: content routing in the IPFS network.

We make group decisions around the design and implementation of new content routing protocols, optimize existing ones, and address the various technical challenges associated with decentralized content routing. We'd like to make everyone aware of the important work this group is doing and encourage their participation.

✅ This is the place for:

  1. IPIP discussion.
  2. Decisions regarding content routing, community feedback for decisions regarding integration of indexer nodes into kubo nodes, design decisions or status updates for ambient routing.
  3. IPIP authoring/feedback.
  4. Roadmapping the future of Content Routing and network wide traffic data discovered through research which may influence design decisions.

❌ This isn’t the place for:

  1. Explicit data transfer protocol design discussions

When and Where

The gathering generally happens every other Tuesday at 15:30 UTC:

You can find more on the Luma event page here: https://lu.ma/ipfs-routing-wg

Meeting Notes

Content Routing Workgroup Meeting notes