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<aside> 💡 ConsensusLab explores fundamental problems of coordination, consistency, and scalability in decentralised systems.


ConsensusLab’s vision is to be the go-to place for scalable decentralised consensus research. In the true spirit of Protocol Labs Research, we aim to become a hub for the collaborative advancement of human knowledge on this challenging topic. Together with a wide network of academic and industry partners, and in collaboration with other open projects, our team will be building an engine for the decentralised web.

ConsensusLab’s short to mid-term focus is on rearchitecting and implementing Filecoin consensus in a scalable way so it can be used in Filecoin, supporting current Filecoin actors and beyond. The project will not incrementally upgrade existing Filecoin consensus but re-implement consensus layer from scratch in a secure, modular, scalable and upgradable way.

See our GitHub repo and website for up-to-date information on team, tooling, meetings, and research endeavours. Our landing page will point you to all the relevant resources.

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