Welcome to the Bacalhau Project, a new way to compute, manage, and use data generated anywhere.

Bacalhau is a new platform for distributed computing that helps you manage your parallel processing jobs. Some benefits of using Bacalhau for your compute-over-data process include:

Bacalhau offers all of this and also lets you use your existing tools (such as Python, Javascript, R, and Rust) while also taking advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology, such as WASM and GPU support.

Bacalhau is designed to be (mostly) self-managing. Whether you're running locally, on private clusters, in a data center, or across the distributed web, the system should feel the same. Just write the code to process the data and let Bacalhau take care of the rest!

Long-Term Vision

While we started the project last February, we're already in live production. You can read more on how to use Bacalhau in our official documentation. And while we are just getting started - in the near term, we plan to deliver:

In the long term, our goal is to deliver a complete system that achieves the following: