As a result of the Large Client Summit in Sept 2021 several Epics were created to address the major pain points that were discussed (please see the Epics for more details). In addition to these issues, the F3 project, focusing on deal success rates (DSR), also began seeing trends in deal failures due to both data transfer reliability and UX challenges, preventing DSR from reaching our goal of 99%.

The purpose of Boost is to eventually replace the current version of Lotus Markets. It is currently being developed as a standalone repository to allow the team to iterate quickly on a redesign of the system, prove the merit of the new design early and often through internal and community facing demos, and to be potentially releasable as a standalone binary that can run alongside the existing Lotus process.

Project Goals


We're aiming to keep milestones in Github up to date, so you can follow along there to see all issues included in each milestone.

Phase 1 - End of Year Demo

Target Timeline - December 13, 2021

Demo Recording

Create a prototype of the standalone Boost process replacing the existing deal flow of Markets. The prototype will execute a deal for a CAR file hosted on s3, and the Storage Provider will be able to track the state of their funds, sealing pipeline, deal transition, and data transfer live. We aim to demo this internally before the full prototype is ready to get feedback from key stakeholders, and want to coordinate to demo the full prototype with a subset of Storage Providers to get early feedback in preparation for phase 2.

Phase 2 - Alpha

Target Timeline - Week of April 28 2022

Include Storage Provider feedback from Phase 1, integrate the Graphsync data transfer protocol, and the Ask v2 protocol. Perform alpha testing with a cohort of MinerX3 Storage Providers to gather feedback.

Phase 3 - Launch